No Dream Too Big

Quilts worthy of a wedding-

This photo is of my youngest daughter, admiring one of the four quilts that I made for her wedding day. I can work with you to incorporate fabric from your family, for a design that will be uniquely meaningful. 

Or not a quilt at all-

I also do hand embroidery, and other creative projects. What do you do with ties when you retire? Make them into quilt blocks, and frame them! If you have fabric that you're not ready to part with, let's dream together of how to make it something that your children and grandchildren can cherish.

T-shirt Quilts that stand out-

My oldest daughter went to a college that didn't have a football team, but has gotten one since she left -- and the alumni are making up for their lost tailgating experience! She wanted a unique throw that incorporated some of her college t-shirts-- perfect for the stadium on chilly fall days. Her quilt, and all the t-shirt quilts that I make, aren't made to be kept in the closet. They're made to be seen!

Baby Quilts to treasure forever-

There's something special about making a baby quilt. All of the hopes and dreams that the new parents have for their addition, bundled together with knowing that the child will never remember a time that they didn't have it. One day it may be in tatters, but it will have been well-loved.